Services Provided

Services Provided

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What services does the patrol provide?
The primary service is proactive, community based policing and increased police presence in our focused patrol area for our members and others in our patrol area. Our patrol makes arrests when crimes are in progress, responds to calls from members and proactively works to solve various quality of life issues for the benefit of our members and the greater community. The ultimate goal is to send a clear message to criminals that our streets are being policed and they should think twice about coming to our area to commit crimes.

Each member has the mobile phone number of the patrol to reach the officer during patrol hours, access to the Old Fourth Ward Patrol newsletter, the ability to provide security and public safety concerns and information to the patrol to be addressed, etc. The difference between the Regular and Lite Residential Memberships is that the Regular Membership includes the opportunity to have the patrol officer perform an in-home security review (to provide suggestions for home security improvement) and provide vacation patrol services upon request.

How many patrol hours per week will the patrol have?
The number of patrol days and patrol hours per week is a function of how many members we have and how much money we have to fund patrol hours. Since the administrative aspect of managing the patrol is being done by volunteers, nearly all of the membership dues and sponsorships go to paying off duty APD officers for working patrol hours. Generally, each patrol hour costs $30.

What kind of information do I get when I sign up & how do I contact the officer if I need him?
Each new member receives a new member package that will include an Old Fourth Ward Patrol yard sign for residential and a window sign for businesses if they would like one, general information and the cellphone number of the patrol officer to call when he is on duty. Members also receive the Old Fourth Ward Patrol email newsletter with relevant security and safety information and Action Alerts when urgent public safety issues occur.